Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Lady with Grace

After 15 years of pain and despair, fear and frenzy, I have come to the realization that true healing can’t begin until I realized and acknowledged that my suffering has been my greatest gift. I could spend my lifetime in agony, wallowing in all the heartache my pain has brought me. Or I can see it as the greatest teaching from the Divine, wherever and whatever that is.
How better to learn empathy than to have suffered? How better to learn gratitude than to have lost moments upon moments, years upon years of life and relationships that passed me by? Once I release all the suffering, my soul is able to elevate to a whole new awareness of life and the beauty in everything, because it truly is ALL beautiful.

The heaviness of affliction is more than a thousand tons of rock, and the soul cannot fight for freedom from Earthly pain when it is shackled to misery. We can choose our mindsets, even in the face of great misfortune. It goes beyond the cup being half full. I want to swim in the water of my cup overflowing. I want to embrace MY “normal” and find ways to overcome each challenge that comes my way.
Imagine yourself in the middle of an intersection. You can choose to lay down and allow yourself to be run over, or you can go with the traffic and live a life with direction. God chose me for this path. He planted my feet deep in the soil of it all. And while I may be dirty and tired and a bit lost at times, I rejoice in just BEING on this amazing voyage of self-discovery and enlightenment.  My heartache of the past is my future grace, and OHHHH how grateful I am.