Saturday, May 9, 2015

Memories of Mimi

I am so blessed to have one living grandparent, my grandma Evelyn Jorgensen, aka "Mimi".  I have so many memories of growing up with her in my life, so I thought I would share some of them for Mother's Day.

When my mom went into labor with Keith, I went to stay with my Mimi and Bapa. I recall her putting a steel washtub in the courtyard of the home I now share with my mom. She filled it with water and dish soap, and I was allowed to strip naked and take a bath out among the squirrels and birds. It was the best bath ever. I felt like a cross between a princess and Mowgli the Jungle Child.

She would come pick me up at my preschool at Jeffrey Mansion in a red pickup truck and a mink coat. The macaroni and cheese standard was set at the top with Stouffer's Mac and Cheese that she cooked in the oven, always having a bubbly top layer. I would take her concentrated frozen orange juice cans and she's throw it in a blender with some ice, and voila, a delicious orange smoothie. The poor woman was probably always out of O.J.

I spent most of my time either riding Charlie the Wooden Horse around the driveway or playing with a stuffed camel named Noodles who had long, spider-like, black eye lashes. To this day, I'm still searching for a mascara that could make my lashes measure up to Charlie's.

To sum it up, I was spoiled.

As I grew up, Mimi and I started developing a more mature relationship. I was standing in her kitchen when she asked me if I had fallen of the roof yet, and I had no idea what the heck she was talking about. I'd been having my period for years, but I wasn't one to play up in the gutters. I would visit she and my grandpa in Florida, and we would shop and eat and do all kinds of girlie stuff together.

I can't say exactly when we became good friends on TOP of having a great grandma-granddaughter relationship, but it happened. After my grandfather passed, I would go visit her in Florida, and we would have long talks over tea sitting in the living room of her condo. At some point we called our chats "pouring tea", as we were pouring our love and thoughts into each other. To this day, she still has a Willow Tree angel holding a tea pot that I gave her one Christmas. I have one, too. It always reminds me of her.

Mimi and I have done a lot of growing up together. We've had the pleasure of truly getting to know each other. I've heard her stories of growing up as one of ten children in a small town in Michigan. She doesn't travel anymore, but her stories keep the memories alive.

Our family's "Old Polish Chick" is 91 years old, and I love her so much. I just wanted to share a few memories I have with her. I am a better person from having her as my grandma.