Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Divine Partnership

One of the many problems with Western medicine is the lack of understanding about the role of the patient. While it may seem like our purpose is to find the right doctor to treat our symptoms, it is actually far more important that we have a divine partnership with ourselves. We need to tap into our innermost psyches, listen to what our bodies are telling us and then articulate our bodies' truths to our doctors.

It should almost be the opposite of our medical system now. Rather than going to a doctor to find out what's wrong with us, we should have doctors coming to us, competing for the opportunity to address what WE have sensed to be wrong. It may sound crazy, but the science of medicine starts from within. Regardless of whose stethoscope is listening to our lungs or whose scalpels are cutting us open, it's the understanding of our own bodies that is most fundamental to our overall wellness.

Pain takes the meaning of a "heartbreaker" to an entire new level. We can all get through life, if we so chose, with or without another person. What we can't do is to get through life without the vessel within we were meant to live. Our body should be the ultimate love of our lives, and I don't mean that in a vain sense of the word.

When it comes down to brass tax, our bodies are the greatest gift we've ever received. God gives us these vessels and counts on us to take care of them. So whatever afflicts you, find a way to communicate with it, nurture it, love it so that it can grow wings and return back to the place from which it came.

I pray God blesses us all....  Jessica