Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No Small Miracles

Ten days ago, I had my 4th major abdominal surgery in just over a year. After last summer's surgical debacle, it was hard to have faith that everything would be OK. But faith I had that morning, if for no other reason than to avoid poisoning an already dangerous situation with negative thoughts. Ironically enough, I received an outside reason to have faith when I reached the surgical floor.

I recently had an angel card reading. One of the many things the angel medium said was that the number five would be important in my life. It had given me goose-bumps, because my lucky number is five. Perhaps that sounds minor to many of you, but when I reached the surgical floor and had to put one of those sexy blue surgical caps, my file was laid upon my abdomen. I looked down to see "Operating Rm 5" circled. That's when my faith was validated by the Universe.

I remember very little after that. I entrusted my body to the surgeon, my soul to God, and I took a deep, drugged nap. My first memory post-op was of my mother's soft voice, her loving hand stroking my cheek, saying, "He found it and fixed it, Jessica! It's all going to be better now."

Another thing I was told by the angel medium was that there would soon be a miracle in my life. She did not mention what kind of miracle it would be, ie. health, family, money, etc. The fact that the surgeon opened me up, found the culprit of my pain and was able to fix all in one swoop is a miracle if I've ever heard one.

None of us are guaranteed a life of health. When we have one, we should be grateful for it. And when we struggle with our health, for no matter how long, we should embrace every moment of wellness we are given. And when a marriage of divinity and medicine are able to repair what is broken inside, nothing short of eternal gratitude will do.

~Oh what wondrous dreams we weave when we allow ourselves to believe! ~  Me